Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Australia Conference 2021 (Cancelled)
The Australian National University’s College of Arts and Social Sciences recently notified staff that the disestablishment of the Jewellery and Object (J&O) workshop will go ahead as part of the restructure of the School of Art & Design in 2021. Therefore, because we will not be able to commit the staffing resources necessary to host the JMGA 2021 Conference or any of the planned associated programming to operate the conference on 2, 3, 4th of July, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the JMGA 2021 conference. 
We acknowledge the disappointment that will result and apologise for any inconvenience and for the impact on all stakeholders, particularly those who took time to prepare conference submissions or who were working towards exhibitions. Also, we would like to take the opportunity to thank those who took time to write directly to the Vice Chancellor and others contesting the initial proposal, in support of our workshop. Thank you for all your generous support, collegiality and friendship over the years.   

Rohan Nicol
Head of Jewellery & Object